A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You wander through a dark forest with only a match to guide you. To escape you must relive past memories and deal with the monsters of guilt that surround you...

Try to stay safe in the dark... 

Where The Flame Took You is a narrative stealth horror game about exploring memories and confronting trauma. As the player character Jamie, you enter a surreal dreamlike forest where objects of Jamie’s childhood home are scattered around. As you explore the space, some objects trigger flashbacks. The story told through these flashbacks is a story of a distant father, a neurotic mother, a rambunctious little sister, and a life devastating event.

Where the Flame Took You was created for the capstone course of the University of Alberta’s Game Development Certificate, and was the winner of the Best Game Development Practices award. It was made in Godot by:

Ian Wark: Programmer
Alexander Ozero: Programmer
Emily Casavant: Musician
Hope Docking: Writer/Sound Designer
Alexis Graham: Writer
Bella Fuccaro: Artist

Email us: ubimayo@gmail.com

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ubi_Mayo?s=17


WhereTheFlameTookYou_Windows.zip 146 MB
WhereTheFlameTookYou_Mac.zip 161 MB
WhereTheFlameTookYou_Linux.zip 147 MB


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The art was real snazzy and I enjoyed it!

Thanks for the fun! <3 

We are so glad you enjoyed it! So glad that you felt that little bit of magic we felt as we made it...and we are so very flattered by your review!